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How to get a driving licence without taking a test

The prices for all  driving licenses are uniformly 1000 Euro as a basic price with a class eg A or B including shipping costs. If you want to have more classes, then the license per class will be 100 euros more expensive. Each additional class A / A1 / A2 (AM) / B / BE / C1 / C1E / C / CE / T (F) costs 100 euros extra and the classes D1 / D1E / D / DE cost 300 euros extra.

If you order the class CE and are not in possession of the classes B / BE / C1 / C1E / C, then these classes are registered and calculated!

Since 01/19/2013 at least one second residence in the exhibitor country is obligatory for the grant. Also in England! This proof of residence costs 300 euros and is backdated accordingly, so that the waiting period of 185 days is waived.

The driver’s license from the Czech Republic requires a citizen card 300 Euro extra and the birth-no. (one person difference) 200 Euro extra.

Furthermore, we need a digitised passport photo and a digital photo with your signature. Scan your passport photo and your signature on white paper. You can enter these files directly from your computer sent to our E-mail : . The photos will then be forwarded to us together with your order .

Requirements for the Driver’s Licence

First and last name:


Date of birth:

Place of birth:

Street, Nr.:


place of residence:

License categories:

License issuer ( England  Holland  Poland  Slovakia  Czech Republic ….. ) :

Other notes:

Passport photo:

Photo signature:

Save the files in 
.jpg or .png format , as .pdf files will not be processed.

Send the informations required for the driver’s license correctly with all required data. The exhibitor country can also be selected.

Upon receipt of your order, we will send you an invoice with payment information by email.

After receipt of the invoice amount, we will forward your data to issue the EU driving license.
Driver’s license and proof of residence will be sent to you after about 5 working days by registered mail.

All EU driving licenses are uniformly in the check card format, registered in the EU central register EuCaris and can be rewritten at the primary residence.

Even after Brexit, driving licenses acquired in England remain valid throughout Europe and can still be rewritten at the primary residence.

If you have any further questions, please use our contact form .



You have lost your driver’s license because of drug or alcohol abuse and have now received an invitation to the MPU for the re-distribution and do not know more or out or you have never had a driver’s license, test anxiety or the German driving schools your sour earned money not in throw the throat?

Then we certainly have exactly the right offer for you!

EU driver’s licenses without arrival, without examination, without DVLA or MPU test!

Prerequisite: You are an EU citizen with an EU identity card or a passport with a confirmation of registration.

Is the EU driving license acquired abroad legal and is it recognized in Germany? YES !

The 13th article of the 3rd EU Driving License Directive states in § 13, 2nd paragraph:

“A granted driving license shall not be withdrawn or restricted in any way under the provisions of this Directive.” With legal acquisition of an EU driving license in European foreign countries the acquirer can drive also in Germany, without having to submit a medical – psychological investigation (MPU or also idiot test) to German authorities.With a driver’s license acquired in other EU countries, you can drive legally safe in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and all other EU countries.

The MPU may not be presupposed when using an EU driving license, because the OVG Rhineland-Palatinate Koblenz NZV 2005, 605 ff. (Decision v. 15.08.2005 – 7 B 11021 / 05.OVG) stated in an urgent decision that a Authority ban is waived in the expectation that the application of the German regulations on MPU for a foreign EU driving license without MPU will not endure.Who eg in England (Great Britain) acquires an EU driver’s license (Europe driving license) without arrival and without new examination, can drive in Germany according to § 28 driving license regulation indefinitely the appropriate vehicle (the registered EU driving license classes).
As England does not take up residence as England does not have a registration law or a registration office, the issue of the English EU driving license suffices as official proof that all the regulations of the issuing country have been complied with.

Even after Brexit, driving licenses acquired in England remain valid throughout Europe and can still be rewritten at the primary residence.


Get a driving licence from Australian, Canadian, UK, US, EU, or any other without test! Are you going to lose your driving licence? Medical checks coming up? Have you failed your test because of nerves? Have you been convicted of traffic offences where the Courts have unfairly taken your driving licence away? Do you have to resit your test? Do you want to have more categories on your driving licence? Do you need Unlimited Motorcycle category? Do you want to be a truck driver?

Self Declaration Category Entitlement

Whichever way you spell it, driver license, driving licenSe, driving licenCe etc., etc… By using a foreign driving licence you can usually get away from speeding cameras, parking fines, motorway fees etc. Combine it with driving a foreign car and you will really be treated like a tourist, all fines from infractions in driving laws are lost in the post to your mailbox in a foreign country.

No driving licence? That’s No Problem! How to get a driving licence without taking a test

Have you lost your driving licence? That’s No Problem! No details? That’s No Problem! Need a point-free driving licence? That’s No Problem! Need motorcycle, car, commerical passenger, even heavy goods entitlement? That’s No Problem! Over 70? That’s No Problem! Do not want to take a medical exam? That’s No Problem!

Lets Talk on how to get a driving licence without taking a test !

This service is for anybody, worldwide, regardless of residence status of the UK or EU to obtain a full driving licence without sitting any tests. It does not matter what country you are resident of or citizen of – we can help, even if you live outside the UK or EU! Once you have a driving licence through us, you can probably exchange it in your own country for a local driving licence or just use it without exchange. EU driving licences are accepted worldwide for driving and exchange. It does not matter what citizenship you hold!

So Many Possibilities!

With over 110 different models of driving licence in current use throughout the EU, and other driving licences available worldwide, do you really think it’s that difficult to get a genuine driving licence?

Lost your driving licence somewhere and how to get a driving licence without taking a test ?

Make a declaration that your driving licence has been lost/mislaid/stolen in certain countries that we operate within. No other proof that you have even passed a test is required, just your sworn declaration. They will issue you with a temporary tourist driving licence which we can then get translated and exchanged for a regular driving licence.

Try Us

There are many ways to obtain a driving licence without examination. Some of our clients exchange their current driving licence, they complete our application form and we print it out and translate some of the driving licence and translate the application form, put it all together and apply for a new driving licence in a foreign country. Some customers even obtain extra driving categories this way (editors note: naughty!) by selecting them on the application form as the foreign issuing authority will look at the translation and not the driving licence or because rules are different in other countries.

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